Atlantic Engraving

Creating precious symbols of life’s most precious moments

By Inna Levchuk

Atlantic Engraving reached their half-a-century milestone in 2015. Now, the Neuwirth Family is both looking ahead to the future—full steam ahead.

Since we last featured Atlantic Engraving Ltd., the company has implemented new collections, innovating its manufacturing processes to create higher-quality and longer-lasting products, says Freydi Neuwirth Traurig, a third-generation jeweller at the company.

“We’ve grown our collections more; we’ve expanded on our knowledge and production processes, constantly trying to perfect them and give a better, high-end product to our customers.”

Although Atlantic Engraving continues to grow its international client base, Neuwirth Traurig says that the Canadian market remains a top priority. The company is always open to new retailers, many of which Neuwirth Traurig meets at various trade shows around the world.

“We are a high-end product,” she says. “So we are not suited for every single store, but there’s definitely a niche market for people looking for a quality product. We are constantly expanding our customer base.”

Wedding band masters
Known for its exquisite wedding bands, Atlantic Engraving continues to ensure that it exceeds its customer expectations when it comes to celebrating their most precious moments. All wedding bands are made out of seamless tubing blanks with no casting, which results in a more superior creation.

“There is no porosity, no pinholes and the uniformity is almost exact; it’s very precise,” says Neuwirth Traurig. “This is achieved through a more expensive but a higher quality process.”

Atlantic Engraving has gone beyond the standard wedding band by introducing commitment rings for those who don’t have “a standard, classic marriage.”

“A commitment ring is something that symbolizes a union between two people,” she explains. “We now have a four-cornered square band, which is more of a statement and can be worn as an accessory by a man looking to enhance the classic wedding band.”

Atlantic Engraving also debuted a new engagement ring line at the 2015 JCK Las Vegas show. The pieces boast seamless tubings and are diamond-cut using European robotic machinery—a technique that creates uniformed, high-caliber jewellery.

“Our engagement rings are not casted. They are done in an identical process as all of our wedding bands,” says Neuwirth Traurig. “We took the process we used to create our wedding bands and applied it to eternity and anniversary bands—with diamond-cut edges that will never lose their brilliance.”

Making a difference
Earlier in 2015, Atlantic Engraving became a sponsor for, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete and current information about breast cancer.

To celebrate the partnership, the team behind the brand has designed and produced what they call the Awareness Ring—a sterling silver piece with a pink sapphire and a diamond-cut ribbon.

“We came up with the breast cancer ring because, unfortunately, cancer, specifically breast cancer, hit many friends and family that we know and we wanted to do something to give back,” says Neuwirth Traurig.

Ten per cent of the ring’s price was given as a credit to the retailer and ten per cent went back to the

The whole idea for the project came about when Neuwirth Traurig’s late sister-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer. Neuwirth Traurig’s brother, who was then president of Gravure Commitment, a U.S .division of Atlantic Engraving, came out with a stainless steel bracelet featuring a Yiddish expression, “Think good and it will be good,” (‘Tracht gut vet zein gut’). The bracelet was meant to reflect the idea that positive thinking could help us get through any of life’s struggles. Today, Neuwirth Traurig believes that this bracelet had a part in helping her late sister-in-law.

“The prognosis was from six weeks to nine months. She lived 18 months, so we had more time than anyone could’ve hoped for.”

Neuwirth Traurig believes that Atlantic Engraving’s mission is not just to produce and sell rings, but also, “to create memories and be a part of people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

“We are not here just to sell a ring and make a profit. We wanted to make a difference and do what we can, and use our business in a more benevolent way.”

The company is set on releasing a new breast awareness ring in 2016, which Neuwirth Traurig describes to be, “a more high-end statement ring with a lot of little pink sapphires surrounding the ribbon.”

Future Plans
In 2016, in addition to unveiling a new breast cancer awareness ring, Atlantic Engraving will be coming out with larger lines showcasing alternative and precious elements. The company will continue to create more square bands and use coloured stones and rose gold in its creations.

Neuwirth Traurig says that in order to stay competitive, it’s important to look beyond the jewellery market and to analyze where people are putting their discretionary income.

“Always keep the styling very unique and very different so that the customers are looking for your brand, not somebody else’s ring,” she adds.

She believes that in addition to staying loyal to the intrinsic quality of the product and making sure that the designs are always a step ahead, being price-conscious is definitely a part of a successful business strategy. A perfect example of how Atlantic Engraving applies this principle is its titanium and 14k yellow gold inlay centre ring.

“Even though it’s a less expensive product, it’s still diamond-cut using the same diamond-tipped tool that we would use for all-gold or all-platinum rings. We didn’t take away any of the quality in production, we’ve just found a way to make it a little less expensive.”

“Atlantic Engraving, the heart and soul of wedding bands, is not just the slogan that we put on our website,” continues Neuwirth Traurig. “It’s truly our hearts and souls that we put into every piece of jewellery, every single item—whether it’s the sterling silver, the titanium or the gold.”

The bottom line is that Atlantic Engraving is a family business, founded 50 years ago by Neuwirth Traurig’s parents through hard work and veracity. Growing up in the jewellery business and helping it succeed ever since she was 14, Neuwirth Traurig feels that today, there is much more to the business than just the product.

“My father taught me that it’s not just about making the dollar and living profitably,” she says. “You have to be honest, treat everyone respectfully and have integrity in everything you do because life is not only about you and what you are going to purchase next with your profit, but about being a proper person one to the other. My father continues to inspire and guide us with the same principles that were instilled in him by his father. It is these ideals that my sister and I plan to keep front and centre as we forge ahead successfully and honestly into the next half century.” CJ



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