The Art of Individuality

When it comes to appreciating antique jewels, uniqueness is key by Duncan Parker   In the conception of any piece of jewellery, the ultimate goal is to create beauty that…

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Fort et Ferme

Réussir à créer des lingots forts au cours du processus de fabrication avec ces étapes Par Christine Dwane SAVAIS-TU QUE L’ARGENT ET L’OR SONT DES MATÉRIAUX POLY-CRISTALLINS ? Ce sont des…

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Profile de deux créateurs québécois aux techniques particulières Par Christine Dwane L’art de «l’estampe-clastique » Avant même d’atteindre ses vingt ans, Matthieu Cheminée quitte sa France natale pour s’établir à…

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The Old Bait and Switch

How vulnerable is your store when it comes to diamond switching? By John Lamont, Director of Loss Prevention, JVC ON OCTOBER 7TH 2016, an older male and female entered W….

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An Inspired Connection

How art jewellery creates an inseparable bond between artist and viewer BY DUNCAN PARKER THE IDEA OF USING IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY to make something that excites the viewer is an…

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Meet the Winners: 2016 Awards of Excellence

SHOWCASING INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE   As the voice of the Canadian jewellery industry since 1879, Canadian Jeweller Magazine is the trusted news source for jewellers across the nation. This makes our…

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Your Money’s Worth: FINTRAC Compliance

BY CAYLA RAMEY   Since late 2008, dealers in precious metals and stones have had obligations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) to report…

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Looking Without Seeing

You may know how to grade a diamond, but seeing the flaws in your own store displays might not be your strongest suit. by Larry Johnson During a recent trip…

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What this term of endearment really means for loss prevention professionals and how to avoid it. by John Lamont, JVC’s Director of Crime Prevention A few years ago, Shannon Hill,…

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To Post Or Not To Post

It’s really important to put some thought into your posts; great content can be king but putting just anything out there won’t get you anywhere. by Ryan Holtz On any…

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Canada’s treasure

The patriotic purchase, Canadian diamonds are quality, conscience and completely dazzling by Liza Marley   Buying local is one of the biggest trends to hit retail in the past decade,…

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Responsibility For Your Own Security

By John Lamont “Blame doesn’t empower you. It keeps you stuck in a place you don’t want to be because you don’t want to make the temporary, but painful decision,…

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